The corner of Candlewood Lake Road and Federal Road in Brookfield has been transformed over the past year or so. The Burger King at 46 Federal Road went up first, and right around that same time, ground was broke on the actual corner for a new building. I go to the Bagelman in the Plaza all the time, and the CVS also, so I kept an eye on the building process. Just last week, as of Monday, August 31, 2020, the new Newtown Savings Bank at the newly minted 14 Candlewood Lake Road has officially opened it's doors for business. I took a ride down there this afternoon and snapped a couple of photos of the brand-new building

Photo by Large "Safe Deposit" Dave

There's a ton of parking spots wrapped around the entire building, enough for every customer at CVS, and there are two drive thru lanes, with a 24 hour ATM on site. The newest Newtown Savings Bank also features a 24 hour night drop for local businesses, safe deposit boxes, wire transfers, and of course, full service business and personal banking. The hours of the new branch on Candlewood Lake Road are: drive-thru opens at 8:30, lobby at 9, and they're pretty much open til 4,5, or 6, depending on the day of the week. You know, banker's hours?

Photo by Large "What's my PIN?" Dave

This is Newtown Savings Bank's 14th area branch, and the first in Brookfield. If you'd like more information on Newtown Savings Bank, or any of their locations, click HERE

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