Last I heard was that dumping an old couch down an embankment was not cool -- not to mention illegal.

WSFB Channel 3 happened to be following the dump truck shown in the photo above when they became an eyewitness to two people actually illegally throwing debris off the truck. Once they spotted the Channel 3 crew, they sped away.

According to a press release on the Naugatuck Police FB page, officers then utilized the Channel 3 camera footage to track down suspect, Philip Donofrio of Seymour who was allegedly throwing various items off the truck down an embankment at the Naugatuck River Recreation Access.

Photo Credit - Naugatuck Police Dept. FB Page
Photo Credit - Naugatuck Police Dept. FB Page

Police also say that Donofrio had heroin in his possession. He was arrested on charges of Littering on Public Land and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Naugatuck Police actually shut down Platts Mill River Park last week because of the substantial mess left by park attendees.

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