Do you believe that when we die there's an Afterlife waiting for us?

Attorney, Nanci Danison told Lou and me that in 1994, she died during an invasive radiological procedure before surgery. She claims she died and was thrust into the afterlife, but eventually returned to the land of the living. She also explained to us that the afterlife was so incredibly extraordinary she really had no desire to return to her life on Earth. During the time she was on the air with the two of us, she went into greater detail about her revelations while she visited the other side. Here's that conversation:

Here are the immediate takeaways:

  1. There is no devil or hell.
  2. We do not enter human life to evolve.
  3. We are souls that have full freedom of choice about whether to incarnate.
  4. You have the spiritual power to literally create the physical world events your body experiences.
  5. What we did or didn't do during a previous lifetime has nothing to do with reincarnation.

Nanci went further into detail about her theories of Heaven and Hell, as they struck her following her experience on her YouTube channel:

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