UPDATE: We've received official word from the friendliest sharks that have ever swarmed Bethel, CT. Here's what they had to say:

"Hi Joey,

We are the Bethel Social Distancing Sharks!  We LOVED the story you wrote about us.  Thank you!

As you may have heard by now, we prefer to remain UNKNOWN!  That is what makes all of this so fun.  We started our Shark Attacks just to make people laugh and smile during this difficult time and to maybe entertain the Bethel kids a little too!  We had NO idea that us sharks would become so popular so fast. We have been trying to honor neighborhood and birthday requests as best as we can.  The requests have greatly increased in the last 24 hours.

We are trying our best, however, we are also enrolled in Shark School and Shark College.  We have a lot of school work to keep up with and college final exams are starting.  There may be fewer shark sightings for awhile until we get our summer vacation.  We also like to return to the sea sometimes for a long swim break!
We love our town and the Bethel people but we remind them that we are the Social Distancing Sharks.  We prefer not to be swarmed, as we LOVE to do the swarming!  We must all follow Social Guidance rules of wearing masks and keeping 6 feet apart at this time.  We love the Bethel people, but just cannot give or receive shark hugs at this time.  We hope that the good people of Bethel understand!

We promise to try and keep Bethel laughing and smiling during this most difficult time.  We hope to maybe make mask wearing a little less scary and possibly even fun for the Bethel kids.  We hope to remind everyone to stay safe and keep others safe by keeping 6 feet apart and by wearing their masks when out in public.

Thank you again for your wonderful story on us.  We just can't believe that anyone would want to write a story about us Sharks!  But it sure is fun!

Your fishy friends,

The Bethel Social Distancing Sharks"

Several Bethel residents have reported seeing two rogue sharks shopping for groceries and bringing overall cheer to downtown Bethel.

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According to multiple reports, two blue and white sharks have been perusing the aisles of local businesses in Bethel and dancing their way onto residents' front lawns and sidewalks.

Our sources tell us that there is now a Bethel Shark Sighting FB Page and they've even been spotted at Caraluzzi's, where eyewitnesses report they are spending extended amounts of time at the store's fish department stocking up on all kinds of fish, mollusks, and crustaceans.

Kimberly Ramsey, the owner of The Toy Room on Greenwood Ave told us that she'd be happy to provide the sharks with toys to hand out if people wanted to shop local and support a downtown business. "Within just a few hours people have already donated over $300 to me to buy toys for the sharks with," said Ramsey. "I just wanted to let you know how generous the members of the Bethel Shark Sighting group are."

But the mystery remains - who are these sharks?

Local residents can rest assured that we WILL get to the bottom of this investigation and continue to highlight and praise these two fishy suspects at every chance we get for bringing joy and laughter to the community.

If you've has a shark sighting, please email photos and video to joey.ech@townsquaremedia.com with your name and location.

WARNING: Scrolling through the following photos may cause laughter and heartwarming feelings of joy:

Shark Attacks in Bethel, CT!

Here is some rare video footage of the Social Distancing Sharks generously provided by Bethel Residents Stewart Teed, Debra Daly and Alexis Telep:

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