Ethan James - Credit Mike Jardeleza

In Connecticut, opioid-related overdose deaths took 729 lives in 2015 and then 917 in 2017 and it shows no signs of getting better.

My 32 year old son, Ethan, has lost 10 friends to opioid overdose deaths. Every day across the country 40 individuals lose their life to heroin. Ethan battled his addiction for seven hideous years and every once in awhile he needs to speak directly to his enemy. This is a post he wrote on his Facebook page.

"You were the WORST! I regret EVER loving you. I was already damaged and vulnerable when I met you. You prayed on that and lured me under false pretenses. At first you made me feel warm and safe as you took away all of my fears, anxieties, and stress. You took away my sadness and motivated me to be social and entertaining. You made me feel perfect, but then you started lying. You promised me all the aforementioned but you made me sick and cut me off from all my friends and family. You took the food out of my mouth, the glow out of my eyes, and the love out of my heart. Then you beat on me. For 7 long years YOU BEAT ME WITHIN AN INCH OF MY LIFE. Then, I left you. I was a broken man. I promised myself I would NEVER go back, and I haven't. For over 6 years I haven't seen your face or tasted your evil but you certainly have been busy though."

Rest in Paradise everyone we've lost to this bitch!

Love Yourself - You're Worth It

Ethan James - I-95 Archive Photo

If you need that jump start to begin fighting your opioid addiction, call the United Way's Crisis Intervention Line by dialing 2-1-1 or have a friend or family member drive you directly to a hospital emergency room.