The NFL is about quarterback play. Anyone who tells you any different is over thinking it. This game features the greatest to ever play the position versus a career backup. It's Tom Brady versus Nick Foles and that is simple to me.

Patriots 23, Eagles 17

I cannot remember if I recently predicted another score. If I did, I was just saying things. This is the real final. This is how it will end. Are the Eagles good enough to make the game something worth watching? I think so. That's cool and all but this story will end the way it almost always does — Brady wins. If Eli Manning were the Eagles QB, I'd have a different answer but he is not

While we are at it:

Coin Toss - Heads

National Anthem over/under 120 secs. - Give me the over

First score of the game - Pats

Last score of the game  - Pats

P.S. Don't bet money on me and make me part of your problem. Leave me out of it. I'm a winner and all but if you bet your money, you just bet your money. Not my problem. Got a gambling problem? Call 1-800-522-4700.


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