I've been a professional wrestling fan practically my whole life, so it was a real thrill to speak with the one and only Matt Hardy.

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You may know Matt from his many years of performing with his brother Jeff as The Hardy Boyz. Matt is a 14 time World Tag Team Champion, 3 times solo as World Champion, and has hoisted over 21 Championship belts in his storied career.

Matt is coming to the area this Saturday night October 2, 2021, when NEW - Northeast Wrestling presents: Better Than You, 7:30PM at the Danbury PAL building on Hayestown Road. Matt will be entering the squared circle in a six man tag team match, accompanied by Hardy Family Office members Private Party to take on Trust Fund, with Jared Silberkleit in their corner.

Matt has enjoyed longevity in a insanely rough industry due to his incredible athleticism and devotion to the craft. He's reinvented himself numerous times in a career that's spanned four decades, so far. I had to ask him how he does that.

I asked Matt 'You've been able to evolve the Matt Hardy Brand in so many ways throughout your career with so many successful character changes in many different organizations. How do those things come about? What is your thought process behind that approach when it's time to evolve?' Hardy responded:

"It's just part of the gig. If you are going to survive and have longevity, you have to continue to freshen up your character. That's just part of the secret, I usually try to do things that somehow I can relate to in life, and I think the things in life that are somewhat extensions of you are the things that you end up doing the best at."

Credit - Northeast Wrestling
Credit - Northeast Wrestling

After performing at such a high level into his fourth decade as a professional wrestler, Hardy has seen it all, literally. I asked Hardy what he enjoyed most about working with younger, rising stars in the industry, such as his protegee's Private Party?

"It just feels very rewarding, because you're actually giving back. I mean, there was a lot of guys that helped me out, that took me underneath their wings, that taught me a lot, the old timers who really didn't have to be as kind, or generous as they were. so I feel like it's coming full-circle, and it's me doing my part to give back."


I then asked Matt who specifically among the talent in Northeast Wrestling that has caught his eye?

"A guy who really stands out is Mr. Northeast Wrestling Brian Anthony, who is a mainstay there, but he is a guy who could be working anywhere in the wrestling business. He's a very talented guy, he's also a very talented talker and character, he's got a lot of potential, keep your eye on Brian Anthony."

I've been watching professional wrestling since the 1970's, so I had to ask Hardy who his favorite wrestler was growing up?

"The guy who really caught my eye, and made me want to be a pro wrestler was Macho Man Randy Savage. He was the guy that really stood out to me in the beginning, he had a huge, over-the-top, larger than life personality, and I think my brother (Jeff Hardy) and I liked him a lot because his finisher was an elbow drop from the top rope. We were kind of drawn to the guys who would fly too, so Macho Man was the first guy that really stood out to me."

Me too sir.

Finally, I asked Hardy what wrestling fans could expect from the Matt Hardy Brand Saturday night October 2 at Northeast Wrestling's Better Than You?

"It's gonna be a big night! I'm going to have my protegee's with me- Private Party, and these guys, I really think can become a Hardy Boyz level team, and I'm really getting them there. They've learned how to to drop the 'nice guy' routine, they've learned how to put winning and making as much money first and foremost, so we're taking on another young unit, that I feel is trying to emulate us in some ways,   Trust Fund, so you can expect to see myself and Private Party delivering very unfortunate Twists of Fate, and also, they may hit them with with a shot of gin n juice before it's all over."

Thank you for taking the time Matt Hardy, it was an honor to speak with you sir.

You can watch Matt Hardy and Private Party perform live every Wednesday on AEW Dynamite at 8PM on TNT.

Northeast Wrestling's Better Than You is happening Saturday October 2, 2021, at the Danbury PAL Building on Hayestown Road at 7:30PM.

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