It just became personal when I saw a mama bear enjoying a stroll through my backyard.

There have been numerous bear sightings throughout the state of Connecticut and now that the state's black bears are prepping for winter hibernation the feeding frenzy has begun.

According to the Danbury Daily Voice, the same bear that has been seen in Monroe a number of times in the Route 111 area has yellow ear tags and is searching for an all-you-can-eat buffet as it was heading towards Route 34.

After eyeballing two black bears high-fiving each other as they strolled through the small forest behind our home in New Fairfield, I'm beginning to wonder if I should take precautions as I leave my house and walk to my car at 5:00 am every morning.

Black Bear relaxing

The Department of Environmental Conservation tells us in case of a close bear encounter, do not run away. Instead, throw a personal item on the ground. He may be distracted by this. The key phrase here is 'maybe distracted.' I'm not stickin' around to find out if the bear has Attention Deficit Disorder. I instead will scream and beat feet to my car.

The Connecticut black bear will usually go down for their long winter nap from mid-November to mid-December and will awake cranky, hungry, and stinky anytime between mid-February through mid-April.

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