I've never seen a moose in Connecticut, I've been driving these roads for 38 years, not one. The only time I ever have in the wild was up in New Hampshire, and it scared the hell out of me. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) has just issued an advisory for residents in the Northern part of Connecticut - Keep an eye out for moose on I-91.

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According to the CT DEEP, on Tuesday evening(10-17-23), a moose was spotted near I-91 Southbound in Windsor Locks in the vicinity of Exit 40, which is the Bradley International Airport/Rt. 20 connector exit. This area has been a hotbed of moose sightings in Connecticut, multiple warnings have been issued by the CT DEEP over the  past year in the immediate area around Bradley. The advisory goes on to inform us that although the estimated 100 moose that roam Connecticut at any given time isn't a lot, moose can pose a serious threat to public safety on Connecticut roadways.


You are 13 times more likely to pass away in a car vs moose collision compared to the much more common deer vs car accident, according to CT DEEP, and we've all seen the riveting videos of those who choose to get too close to a moose, and ended up being flung 12 feet into the air. Don't take selfies.

If you do see a moose near 95, 84, 91, or basically any major highway in our state, call the CT DEEP Emergency Dispatch line at 860-424-3333. More importantly, slow down.

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