BE CAREFUL: Meteorologists are predicting a slippery snowy forecast for early this week.

Even though this upcoming messy forecast is nothing new to New Englanders, it's the combination of snow and freezing rain that can make for an adventurous commute.

According to, we'll see a slight chance of snow early Monday afternoon but the weather becomes more intense after midnight with a 90% chance of snow and freezing rain with little or no accumulation.

Ethan Carey Photo
Ethan Carey Photo

Tuesday is when it gets nasty. You name it and it appears we're going to get it all, snow, sleet, and freezing rain before 7 a.m. The snow calls it quits after 7 but the sleet and freezing rain hang in there until about 10 a.m. followed by only rain.

To recap, the forecast for Monday, Dec. 16 is partly cloudy with a high of 35°. Cloudy with some icing on Monday evening, low 25°.

Tuesday calls for 1 to 3 inches of snow depending on where you live followed by some rain and drizzle in the afternoon with a high of 34°.

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