"There she is... Miss America." One of the most recognizable household names in the country, the Miss America Competition is coming to Connecticut and this year, the pageant is going to be right in our backyard.

For the first time ever, Mohegan Sun Arena has been chosen for the site of the 2020 Miss America Competition. NBC will broadcast the pageant live from Mohegan Sun on Thursday December 19th at 8 PM.

For 98 years, the Miss America Competition, synonymous with Atlantic City, has a history of looking ahead. Miss America was the first competition to offer a talent category and soon after scholarship awards for young women to be able to go to college and further their education.

The Miss America organization stands for empowering young women across the country to be the best they can be. The competition continues to evolve, and as of last year, the candidates were no longer judged on outward appearance, and that meant eliminating the swimsuit competition.

Over the last two years, the Miss America Organization has awarded nearly $6 million in scholarships. At the end of this years telecast, one candidate will be chosen for the job of Miss America 2020 to build upon the work of Miss America 2019, Nia Franklin who's from New York State.

At this time, there is no word if tickets will be available to the general public, but already seventy percent of the Hotels 1600 rooms have been booked.

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