Citing the possibility of some of their products containing foreign objects, the producers of Minute Maid drinks have issued a multi-state recall that includes Connecticut and New York.

The recall was due to the possibility that some of the Minute Maid juice products might contain metal objects like metal bolts and metal washers, so the company has ordered a voluntary 8 state recall. The possible contaminated products were distributed to stores in Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

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According to, a Coca-Cola Company spokesperson said that the recall was specific to three Minute Maid drinks in the 59 oz cartons. Those drinks are Berry Punch, Strawberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch.

The company is also reporting that they did remove the products from store shelves immediately after issuing the recall, but some consumers may have already purchased the drinks, and may still have them in their refrigerators, and have yet to open them.

Those products that are affected, that you may have in your home include Minute Maid Berry Punch with the dates of Jan. 4, 2022 and Jan. 5, 2022 and a UPC code of 025000047671. Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade with the date of Jan. 3, 2022 and a UPC code of 025000019760, and Minute Maid Fruit Punch with the date of Jan. 5 and a UPC code of 025000047732.

If you have any of the recalled juices at home, you are encouraged to return it to the point of purchase for a refund or exchange, or you can contact the Coca-Cola Consumer Interaction Center at 1-800 GET-COKE (800-438-2653).

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