Millennials are the most researched and talked about generation in history, but what's the deal about throwing all of Mom & Dad's cool stuff away?

First the facts, according to the website, the millennial generation begins with people born between 1974 and 2004. Millennials have been given many different labels  like tech savvy, self confident, possessing helicopter parents who may have given them unrealistic expectations growing up. Millennials can be narcissistic, addicted to social devices, don't move out of mom and dad's house until much later, and they consider job satisfaction more important than monetary satisfaction. The millennial trait that makes me sad is that they really aren't interested in hanging on to their parent's treasured life keepsakes. I'm not referring to valuable keepsakes. I'm talking about 'treasured memory' stuff.

The extended Carey Family
The extended Carey Family

Up in our attic are boxes of stuff that all revolve around our kids like school projects, cards the kids have given us for birthdays, Mother's and Father's Day cards. Every momento our kids have ever honored us with over the years has been packaged up and placed in the attic. We have a set of electric trains, Calvin and Hobbes characters from EJ's Bar Mitzvah, and our first Mac computer where EJ accidentally reprogrammed the hard drive.

Knowing that the real possibility exists that my kids are going to toss most of our stuff into a big-ass dumpster, maybe Mindy and I should go through it all opening every box while remembering every special memory, laughing and crying as we go through each box. Better yet, we should take all of the boxes down from the attic one Sunday afternoon and share those memories with our kids, Matt, Allie, and EJ. Just sayin.'

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