Dana Nessel is a Democrat from the state of Michigan running for Attorney General in 2018. She put out a campaign ad recently and promised not to show you her penis.

This is brilliant. Whoever came up with the idea for this ad is brilliant, the person or persons who agreed that they should run it are brilliant. It's timely, edgy and the logic sits on a rock solid foundation.

She has no penis, therefore even if she wanted to show it, she could not. I can't pretend to know who she is running against but I'll go ahead and assume that person DOES have a penis. In this day and age there's like an 88% percent chance that guy will show his penis to someone who is not interested.

It's like the person who takes their shoes and socks off on an airplane and is amazed that people are pissed about it, only the whipping out of genitals happens to be illegal. It's just taking the shoe and sock game pro.

I'm not a resident of Michigan, I'm not a Democrat but if I were both of those things I'd vote for Dana. I'd vote for her just because she had the stones to make her whole ad about penis.

Not having a penis after all this nonsense is going to be a major plus.

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