Republican Michelle Coelho has received the CT Independent Party’s Endorsement for 24th Senate District Seat.

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That announcement came via press release on Monday (9/12/22) morning. Coelho had this to say of the backing:

“I am honored and energized by the support of independent voters. The voters of Danbury, New Fairfield and Ridgefield deserve an independent voice in Hartford. As your new state senator, I will be that voice. I will fight to make Connecticut safer and more affordable. I will also support our law enforcement officers while protecting and defending local control of education and zoning.”

She went on to explain what she will represent in Hartford, stating:
“I cherish our constitutional freedoms and liberties. I am passionate about safeguarding our children’s education and empowering parents. I believe parents deserve a voice and a choice when it comes to the education of their children.That’s why I am asking Independents, Unaffiliateds, Democrats and Republicans to elect me to replace Julie Kushner as your senator this November. My positive, pro-growth, pro-family message is already resonating with people from all political parties, and I will be spreading that message every day until the polls close. Voters have a very clear choice in this race.”

Coelho is a businesswoman with 30 years of experience as a full-time project manager. Coelho says she's a first-generation Cuban-American whose mother and father came to America after fleeing an "oppressive Communist government in Cuba."

 Election Day is Nov. 8. For more information on how to volunteer, visit Coelho can be reached at
I officially met Michelle, and her husband this past weekend at Danbury's first-ever San Gennaro Festival. I was there representing I-95, broadcasting live and her booth was right next to mine. Maybe that was strategic booth placement on her part but we got a chance to talk. Typically, when I talk to people, especially about politics, I say some things. I said some "things" to Michelle and she seemed very receptive. I like that because the way I express my opinions can be colorful. If she can handle my swearing and speaking in absolutes, we'll get along fine.
P.S. I'm waiting for a picture back from her camp, I know they took about 30 pics of us talking while I waved my arms and was sweating.
UPDATE: I got them, here is us and our significant others.

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