The Tamagotchi was a toy craze that started in November of 1996, and kids all over the United States just had to have one.

Adults even got involved in the fad, which for the life of me, I will never understand. The toy was a digital pet that needed feedings, shelter, and attention. Of course, if you neglected your Tamagotchi, it would die.

Well, I've started a new video series called 'Memba Dat?, and In it, myself and a weekly guest take a comedic look back on pop culture phenomenons from years past. First up, the Tamagotchi. Let's meet my first guest:

One of my buddies here at work tipped me off that the Tamagotchi is making a comeback.

Apparently, you can get a new Tamagotchi on Amazon that has 40 something digital pets to play with for like 2.99. This, to me, is further proof that the entire world is out of new ideas.

If I am seeing new episodes of Twin Peaks show up on my Amazon account and Tamagotchis are back, it might be time for us to hang it up. We gave this humanity thing a try, some of us did our best, some fell short, but it just did not work out. Check please.

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