It's not like McDonald's to share one of their recipes, but that is just what they have done for us in this time of need. They have released their simple Sausage Egg McMuffin recipe.

While this is nice of them to do I can see where a homemade McDonald's style Sausage Egg Mcmuffin will fall short of expectations, the ingredients. The construction of the breakfast sandwich is pretty much self explanatory. What we need is access to their muffins, eggs, sausage patties and cheese.

They may have given us a glimmer of homemade hope but not the keys to the castle here. If they really want to bring some joy to people's lives they need to sell their specific ingredients with these recipes posted on the back.

While we are requesting recipes/ingredients, I'd like the Filet O' Fish sandwich materials, the chicken nuggets, the classic Big Mac and last but certainly not least the french fries. Please and thank you McDonald's.

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