With recreational marijuana now legal throughout the State of CT, cities and towns are scrambling to see what, exactly this means for their local community.

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As Nutmeggers familiarize themselves with the marijuana bill known as SB 1201, the same question keeps coming up, where if anywhere, will people be able to smoke or consumer cannabis in public?

We asked this question of Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo when he joined the Ethan and Lou  Show for his regular, weekly segment. I asked Cavo if the city will designate areas for cannabis use and this is how he replied:

"Well, I think, according to the bill and what I understand of the bill, I think you have to do that. I think you have to create a designated area or areas. So, that's one of the things that I'm going to ask the task force to take on, first."

The task force the Mayor was referring to is brand new, and handpicked by Cavo to deal with matters related to the marijuana legislation.

There is also a rapid education that is taking place statewide as municipalities and cities first need to understand the bill before applying it. Cavo expressed that it was difficult to do research on the bill until it was finished, saying:

"Part of what happened was, as the bill has been moving through the legislature, it kept morphing. It kept changing, things were added, amendments were proposed and so, it's not like this was something that they took from somewhere and said, you know this is the bill that they used in Colorado. So, we could go look at that bill and get a clear understanding."

Listen to the complete interview with Mayor Cavo by clicking the play button at the top of this article.

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