Mike Allen joined the Ethan and Lou Show on Tuesday (4/20/21) for his regular weekly segment called "The Place You Live". Mike takes a deep dive into one local story each week and this week it was all about U.F.O. sightings. Particularly, sightings that took place in the Hudson Valley of NY and the Greater Danbury area of CT in the 1980's.

Mike shared astonishing information about a wild cluster of independent sightings on a single night in 1987. Allen says there were hundreds of reports describing a similar craft taken by state and local police in the Greater Danbury area.

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This is what Allen told us:

"But the real big deal was May, not March but May 26th, 1987. I remember that because I was here at I-95 that night and we got calls here from people who saw it. Whatever this thing was, it was uh, and I went back and I looked at the weather stats for this night.

It was a clear night, this was all between 9:30 and 10:15 at night, clear night, visibility of 15 miles, wind speed was virtually non-existent.

There were 200 calls received by State and local police, we got calls here. Something, whatever this thing was, was flying over I-84 near the Newtown/Southbury border which is right where the Housatonic River separates the counties.

It was a huge object, bright lights, somewhat curved structure, size of a football field. Now, two guys in particular who saw this, one I have his name, uh, a guy named Randy Etting in Newtown at the time, in 1987 was a 30 year veteran commercial pilot.

And, he and his son were in the backyard, the neighbors were out, he went and got his binoculars, he looked at this thing for ten minutes before it went away and he said there were eight lights, different colors, one object, clearly not multiple objects, so sound coming from it, he said there was heat waves, there were heat waves that were distorting the lights around the edge. So he said, it was clear what he saw.

And, meanwhile in Middlebury, not too far away, a retired Navy pilot also saw it and he said it was one craft, and like no other aircraft I've ever seen in my life."

This is an image captured by Randy Etting that evening.

UFO over USA: "Randy Etting captured this image of lights above Newtown, Connecticut, in 1987." from r/pics

As with all U.F.O. stories with multiple, or in this case, hundreds of independent sightings, an official explanation will follow. The CT State Police provided that answer, explaining the sightings away as Ultralight airplanes. First Police reported that the Ultralight flights originated from the small Candlewood Farms airstrip and later changed their story saying the planes originated from Stormville, NY.

The authorities provided additional information about these particular Ultralight planes saying that the bottoms of them were painted black and that they were hanging lanterns from underneath them, while flying in formations to trick people.

The Newtown man who saw and reported the craft Randy Etting, responded to that explanation by saying that is the "prattling of idiots."

Mike Allen told us that Ultralight's can go between 20-65 mph hour and come in all shapes and sizes and that you do not need a license to fly one. These factors make the police answer plausible, but Allen has a problem with it. That problem has nothing to do with the capabilities of an Ultralight aircraft, instead he said the following:

"The reason I have trouble with that explanation, is nobody was ever arrested for doing this. Now this violates so many air regulations, if that's in fact what happened. People should have been arrested, taken to court if they knew this happened. Nobody was ever arrested for doing this.

And, it's not the kind of prank, you say oh nobody was effected by this and that's OK. You throw the book at somebody like that because it created a lot of confusion and the police were taken off of routine stuff to follow up U.F.O., you know, arguments."

This incident in May of 1987 was by no means an isolated one. Allen told us that there were 7000 reports to the police originating from the Hudson Valley in the 1980's. Many of the reports had similar descriptions of a semi-circle, triangle or boomerang shaped craft, covered in lights and roughly the size of a football field.

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