One of Hollywood's best, Mark Ruffalo, enjoyed the deliciousness that is Bohemian Pizza in Litchfield on Thursday night (May 23).

The actor, who is most recently known for his Marvel Universe role as The Incredible Hulk, put his cheesy slice down in order to "say cheese" for a photo op, much to the pleasure of the Bohemian Pizza staff.

This particular celebrity sighting comes just a couple of weeks after a massive fire broke out at the Hudson Valley car dealership at which Ruffalo was filming a project for HBO. The unfortunate blaze left three families displaced and destroyed the car dealership in the process.

On a much more positive note, Mark Ruffalo's latest movie, Avengers: End Game, put up record-breaking numbers at the box office, raking in over $2 billion since its April release.

"The Incredible Hulk" isn't even the first Avenger to make local news this week. Ant Man, better known to planet Earth as Paul Rudd, went out of his way to show support for Connectcut's proposal known as "Ethan's Law."

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