This past Wednesday, (September 25) Danbury Mayoral Candidate Chris Setaro was back on the Ethan and Lou show. Chris defended his position that Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton should have held a press conference to introduce Marc Dillon in his new role in City Hall.

We had Mark Boughton back on the air this week to react to Setaro's most recent comments on the matter. We also discussed education for special needs students in the city:

I am ready to be done with the topic of the hire of Marc Dillon.

Dillon, was Mayor Boughton's former campaign adviser during his run for Governor. Chris believes that hiring him without a press conference makes it seem as if the Mayor's run for reelection is being run out of City Hall.

Mark contends Dillon was simply the right man for the job, that he has a wealth of municipal experience, the hire saved tax payer dollars and previous Mayor's did not hold press conferences to announce similar hires.

You can decide for yourself who you agree with.

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