Danbury's Mayor, Mark Boughton, kept his word. He announced his intentions to run for Governor of Connecticut on the Ethan and Lou show. He is in the exploratory phase right now and in the meantime, will seek re-election for Mayor of Danbury.

He kept his word, and for that, I have to give him credit. Now, when he wins this thing, we have to hold him to his word to continue to appear on our show when he is Governor.

Now, my only goal in life is to get his endorsement for my run for Mayor of Danbury. Him and I will be at the same function this weekend, so my plan is to take a photo with him at some point, and right before the picture is snapped, I will pull both of our hands up in the air. I will take that photo and use it in a blog titled, "CT candidate for Governor endorses Milano as successor." Tricky stuff right there.

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