Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton claimed a record tenth term as Mayor of the City of Danbury Tuesday (November 5).

We had him on the Ethan and Lou Show today to reflect on the election. I took this as and opportunity to "co-op" Mark's success. There was, however, one serious moment in which the newly re-elected mayor brought up a part of the campaign that he did not appreciate, as it relates to his opponent and some of that party's supporters. The conversation was great and here's how it went:

I am genuinely happy for Mark. I'm also excited for two more years of his leadership and his weekly live segments on the show. Thank you to Chris Setaro for taking the time to come in each each week to talk about his vision for fine the city of Danbury.

The election is over now and we move on, but not before we squeeze every last ounce of content out of this thing. Tomorrow on the show, we will go to the inbox and the phones. We want to know what the craziest thing that you saw posted on social media leading up to the election.

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