I was cruising the CT Reddit page when I found one of the funnier maps I've ever seen of the State of Connecticut.

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It had each county broken down for what it's best known for, in a funny way. The user who posted it goes by u/joeadams616 and they wrote "Something I found on Facebook today."

The two that I consider home counties, meaning I've lived there, Fairfield and Litchfield counties got more of the same in terms of classification. Whoever made the map also managed to nail down the things I've heard or believe I know about the other counties throughout the Nutmeg State. Take a look:

  • Fairfield County - Wealthy Suburbs and Bridgeport
  • Litchfield County - New Yorkers and Hillbillies
  • New Haven County - Great Pizza and Drugs
  • Middlesex County - Vacation Houses and Yachts
  • New London County - Submarines, Abandoned Factories and an Aquarium
  • Windham County - Trees that fall and Apparently Don't Make a Sound
  • Tolland County - UCONN
  • Hartford County - Insurance and Traffic

On the surface, they can be insulting, but there are some real compliments here, and you need to be able to laugh at yourself.

Take Litchfield County. We always get the "redneck" or "hillbilly" thing and at this point, that doesn't even bother us, we know the truth. Plus, if you become known for getting people from a neighboring state to move to your county, you must be doing something right.

New Haven County made me laugh out loud and smile. Who doesn't love pizza? And if you are known for drugs, why not have the best?

Tolland, I'm sorry if you are reading this, but you need to know that this is how the rest of the state sees you and you are partially to blame. People all over the state take great pride in the Huskies, but it might be time for you to generate an additional hobby.

Hey, Windham, who are you? Who invited this guy?

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