We all know musician Kid Rock likes to party. He's even been known for pushing the envelope, but I'm pretty sure even "Rock" would not get behind this alleged move.

Whiskey Riff,

Police contend the action didn't stop when they arrived on scene and when they got to the bar, the man began swinging the colostomy bag at them. The man was arrested and one officer needed to go home and change before finishing his shift, according to reports.

This is an inexcusable crime, if it is indeed true and I hope they swing the book at this alleged poo-flinging demon.

Are we, or are we not, living in a civilized society? How dare you go full villain and whip your "doots" around at the local hot spot? People are out here to wear their best clothes, meet a hottie, maybe catch a glimpse of a rock star and we are swinging s--- bags in the air?

How did he have enough left for the cops when they arrived? That's an extremely valid question I would have been asking if I were on scene. When will he run out?

Sure, we all know "s--- happens," but some of it doesn't need to.

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