Whenever I see someone who does stunts for a living or just becomes really good at them, I think of all the times they got in trouble. Once you're great at it, people gather and applaud, but I'd imagine that comes after years of speeding tickets and long conversations. This motorcycle driver in New Milford, undoubtedly endured those slings and arrows before they reached the level of being celebrated.

Man Does Death Defying Motorcycle Tricks in New Milford Parking Lot

The parking lot of Max BMW in New Milford, CT became the scene of a motorcycle trick show recently. 

See the entire Youtube video below

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Danbury Bennigan's Building Gets Torn Down

Bennigan's Restaurant has been closed for many years in Danbury, Connecticut but the building has remained empty. Hat City residents have had to stare at the eyesore for far too long in a prominent location at 106 Federal Road. Today, (3/23/21) the building was taken down and I-95 was there to witness it and captures these exclusive images.

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