Reddit can be a brutal place to share a conspiracy theory.

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One man found that out the hard way when he posted his conspiracy theory about a Danbury property. There is a user on CT Reddit that goes by the user name everydaygrowernobody and they believe they were recently chased from a Danbury property by a helicopter.

They wrote the following:

"I am investigating murder that I tied to a golf course in Danbury ct. While I was alone in the graveyard a helicopter came and got real low over me until I left. The estate in question is extremely rich / it is called Morefar Back O beyond." 

If the Embed link is misbehaving like it was for me check the video here, or on Reddit.

UPDATE (8/2/22): I wrote this last week when the original video link was working on Reddit. The video is no longer available anywhere. If you click the link, this is what you get.


I saw the video and I believe it was attempting to intimidate the man. As you'll read below, my opinion is not shared by the other people who saw it.

They also made a note of their research sources, writing: 

I’m linking the video and my original story about the place along with my sources.

Original story and my sources: 

Wikipedia link

Some of the local legend sights / glowing red lake / status of Pan.

Towns local rock station

One of the murders near the property

—I removed the link because it is an anti trans website. Google (Dean lockshiss murder Danbury ct) —

They tagged the whole thing with the statement:

"I am being 100% authentic and have been investigating this for months / I have private sources also. Edit / Of note the golf course is directly next to the graveyard / can anyone tell me what type of helicopter." 

People wasted no time burying this person for sharing these opinions. Below are some of the responses everydaygrowernobody got. 


"The helicopter was in no way chasing you. It wasn’t even that low. They probably didn’t see you. I think you’re being a little paranoid and hope you can figure it out."


"Please change your prescription. Your current one isn’t working."


"Helicopter is Eversource aerial line inspections. Call Eversource to confirm."


"You OK dude? You sure you didn't just fall asleep watching the x files?"


"According to your posts…maybe you should lay off the cannabis for a bit."


"I am a little worried about what you are doing. I skimmed your subreddit.

  1. You say you have proof that AIG is connected to this murder somehow but you aren't presenting it. That's a very provocative thing to accuse without evidence beyond the fact that Morefar just happens to be located there. Starr being involved with the origons of the OSS is not indicative of anything except that he was part of the war effort and smart enough to be chosen for the work. It's quite a leap to say,therefore, morefar is a cia site. It's totally unacceptable to cast a story without evidence and even if he retained communications with the cia during his career - so what? Lots of corporations that operate overseas will brief the state dept or cia on country conditions etc. It means nothing. It's normal. What would that have to do with anything?

  2. You say the victim's gravestone is "strange," when it is quite obvious it is a loving headstone placed by a family that lost a young member way too soon to a heinous crime. I am worried you are starting something that will hurt this family

  3. Masonic symbols - you point them out as if they are evil - this was a very popular thing at one time and lots of people were involved in it more than today. It means absolutely zero - you are just vilifying them.

  4. You also cast suspicion on the artworks on the golf course. So, to sum up, the sculptures are vaguely evil and unChristian, AIG and Starr are vaguely evil,the victim's gravestone is vaguely evil, the Masons are vaguely evil. It sounds to me, a couple of guys who partied near a tree named Jesus and killed a young man were evil - how about that? Try that on for size

I am just worried that you are trying to create a buzz, and rile people up ala Alex Jones, and that if you succeed many innocent people are going to be dealing with the same awful kind of people he riled up. It's not right.

If you have proof of something, lay it all out, but I don't think you even understand what proof is and how to evaluate evidence of anything. You are only spreading bad rumors."

There is a lot to unpack here. First, the internet remains undefeated. Way to go internet. Second, some of this sounds familiar and I believe this person may have reached out to me to share their research findings with me.

Finally, "The Local Rock Station" information he linked to, is ours (I-95). The "Jesus Tree" article he referenced was written by my buddy Large Dave. When I found this post, Dave was sitting across from me and I told him his article was referenced and he replied "what did I say?" Dave is hilarious and wants no part of anything.

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