As darkness was beginning to fall on the ninth day of the Stop & Shop strike, the Weathersfield, CT store reportedly received a chilling phone call.

According to WFSB, police say an unidentified man called the Wethersfield store at around 6:00 PM on Thursday, April 18, asking if the employees were still picketing. When the store's manager told him that they were still outside picketing, the man threatened to "shoot them (strikers) with an AK-47."

Immediately after hanging up, the Stop & Shop's manager brought the picketers inside the store for their safety. The store was then closed for business. Several Wethersfield police cruisers responded to the shooting threat. There were no acts of violence or injuries reported during the threat.

The shooting threat came only hours after former Vice President, Joe Biden spoke to a gathering outside a Massachusetts Stop & Shop. While negotiations continued on Sunday (April 22) Wethersfield police are asking if anyone has information about the shooting threat, please call 860-721-2901.

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