Who: Everyone

What: "Make Music Danbury" 

When:June 21

Where: Danbury, CT

Why: For the love of music

Make Music Danbury is part of a much larger, international event known as Make Music Day. Each year, on the same day (June 21st), the cities all around the world participate in this loud and wonderful event.

The Make Music Movement is more than your average concert, it's interactive and inclusive. Basically, if you have a song in your heart, this is your day. Make Music doesn't tear down the invisible wall between stage and crowd, it makes the world a stage.

Yes, there are some traditional stages involved but every surface in the city can be a stage. People are being encouraged to use their decks or front porches as their stage. Musicians of all abilities can use prime public space for their musical performance as well.

According to Make Music Danbury, this is what you should do to participate:

"Using their matchmaking software venues and musicians can register, create profiles and find a match for their Make Music Danbury performance.

So that everyone else on the planet can find you and your music,
you need to register.

If you will be performing you are a musician and should register your music there.
If you are a place where others can come to perform you are a venue and you should register there.

Once there are musicians and venues you can reach-out to each other and make a match.

If, as a musician, you have your own location (like a Facebook Live broadcast) your registration as a musician is all you need to do.

Then on June 21st Play!"

Ideas of what you can do to live stream music from Facebook Live:

  • Sign up and sing a favorite tune from your living room.
  • Sign up and play a drum from your front porch.
  • Sign up and, from a single household, sing a song in harmony.
  • Sign up and Zoom a few of you playing your favorite music together.
  • Sign up and play your favorite instrument: Guitar, Piano, Violin, Zither, or Kazoo.

I didn't think the kazoo was an option but now that I know it is, I'm in.

Make Music Day is also brought to you by the Danbury Chamber of Commerce and CityCenter Danbury and Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut.

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