Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has revealed his plans to have an iconic flagpole built on Main Street in Danbury.

Mayor Mark told the Ethan and Lou Show recently that he was thrilled about the new landmark being planned for Main St. in Danbury and hoped it could become a focal point for the city. According to Danbury Patch, the new 100 foot flagpole would replace the rusted 65 foot flagpole over Main Street. The City Council is also reviewing plans to refurbish Danbury's Civil War Monument in West Street park.

Main Street Danbury - Google Instant Streetview
Main Street Danbury - Google Instant Streetview

How would the city pay for these stunning new additions? The Savings Bank of Danbury has donated $25,000 for the purchase of a 100-foot steel flagpole. The Mayor also told the Ethan and Lou Show that the installation needs to be engineered perfectly which begins by drilling a 35-foot hole for the foundation. The Mayor has proposed spending $75,000 in city money for the renovation of the Civil War Monument. The plan is to unveil the impressive new CityCenter flagpole on either Flag Day, June 14 or on the Fourth of July!

Here is Mayor Mark's full segment from this morning's Ethan and Lou Show:

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