Kenneth Schmitt is the Town Supervisor for Carmel and Mahopac. He was born and raised there, so who better to ask than a local official who has spent his whole life locally?

Is it pronounced MA-HO-PAC or MAYO-PAC? Take a look at what Supervisor Schmitt had to say:

I had no idea that in the 1980s this issue was brought to a vote and an official decision was made.

Local politics sounds like a blast. "We have things to do, but first, what the hell is our town called?" Ha!

I want to send out a big thank you to Kenneth Schmitt for taking the time to join our dopey show. He put to bed the pronunciation debate on Mahopac and ignited a brand new one for Carmel. I guess, to be continued.

Let us know if hearing what Schmitt had to say will change your mind on how you pronounce the name. This is what we do baby. Ethan and Lou Live and Local every twelve minutes.

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