Lots of people play the lottery every single day and never have the kind of day that Stephanie Buzbee of Stratford, CT had last week. In fact it was one heck of a week for Stephanie all the way around.

They are calling it a "triple win" for Stephanie, who started off last week unemployed and wound up ending the week with a new job, and two CT Lottery wins in the same day.

The interesting thing is that Stephanie never plays the lottery, but according to CTLottery.org, she was not working and had the time to help her boyfriend on his bread delivery route. At one particular stop, she decided to grab a thirty dollar "$5,000,000 Ultimate" scratch game ticket. With that ticket, Stephanie won $100 and figured it might be her lucky day. So she then took some of the $100 winnings and bought another of the same popular scratch game.

This time, she didn't even play the game on the ticket, she just scanned the bar code and found out that this was definitely her lucky day indeed.

When I saw message on the ticket checker, I thought, 'This can't be right,' but it was. It was a $10,000 winner!


The prize is going to pay my bills for the next couple months, and I just got a job offer the same week!

Stephanie has already cashed in her $10,000 winning ticket at lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill, and she's hoping her luck continues again this week.

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