Is there a rift in my relationship with Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton? No, he appreciates plain talk. I had to tell him "No one cares" about bike paths and sidewalks.

Of course people care about bike paths, sidewalks and dog parks, however, I am a "priorities guy." I like to start at the top and work my way down. I think the top of the list of priorities in Danbury right now is potholes.

Sure, it's pothole season, and yes, this is an issue for so many communities, but Danbury roads right now are like driving in the woods. It's Beirut out there and no one's cars are safe from costly damage.

I'll give Mark credit on the seamless transition. When I moved him off of his "good news" about the bike paths and onto the very negative subject that everyone seems to be talking about, he did not break stride. He took a breath and said "we're on it."

If you have a favorite pothole, we'd love to see it. Send us a picture of your favorite pothole and we'll make it famous. You don't pull over to the side of the road and take pictures of potholes after you hit them? What kind of a person are you?

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