Booking Hetfield (COMEDY) 

Our story takes place in the 1980's, 1986 to be exact. In March of that year, Metallica released their third studio album "Master of Puppets." In support of the album the band goes on a world tour called: "Damage Inc."

Our main character is a college student/intern at a radio station in San Diego California. He's eager to become a morning drive radio personality. When one of the co-hosts dies on June 1st 1986 in a cocaine fueled orgy our hero sees his opportunity.

He approaches the remaining morning co-host and shares his goal to replace his dead friend. The living co-host laughs the kid off, says "If you can book James Hetfield' of Metalllica on the morning show before June 10th you have the gig." Why June 10th? Metallica played the San Diego Sports Arena on Tuesday June 10th, 1986.

Our hero sets out on a journey(road trip) to find James Hetfield and book him on the morning show. He leaves that morning and heads for Texas. Metallica will play 5 Texas dates in the days leading up to the San Diego concert. They played in Dallas, Corpus Christi, McAllen, San Antonio & Odessa.

The clock is ticking and our young friend does everything he can to book the lead singer of one the biggest bands in the world on a small radio station morning show. Along the way he gets gets beat up, has near misses with Hetfield and finds love right in front of his face.

In the end he learns an important lesson, never trust a DJ with a habit.

I need money to make this movie happen, give it to me. If the story is not enough, lemme tell you the cast I have in mind.

Young wannabe DJ Hero - Clark Duke (Hot Tub Time Machine)

A24 And DirecTV's "The Last Movie Star" Premiere - Q&A
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This dude is hilarious in everything he's ever done. This is a comedy after all.

Hero's best friend/Road Trip Partner/Love Interest - Dakota Johnson (50 Shades of Grey) 

"Suspiria" UK Premiere - 62nd BFI London Film Festival
Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for B

She's smart, funny, pretty and has the chops to dance between sweet vulnerability and awkward hilarity.

Dead Morning show co-host - Lou Milano (I-95 Morning Show, Deer Hill Avenue, The Best Man)

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

This is a small role for me but I will be directing & producing so I'll need most of my attention behind the camera.

Alive morning show co-host - Jack Black (School of Rock, Jumanji, Kung Fu Panda, Tenacious D)

Kung Fu Panda Press Conference In South Korea
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This guy needs to be a lunatic we all can laugh at and along with.

James Hetfield - James Hetfield (Metallica) 

Metallica In Concert - Las Vegas, NV
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As a filmmaker, I think authenticity is important.

Radio Station Program Director - Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters, The Boss) 

"Can You Ever Forgive Me?" UK Premiere - 62nd BFI London Film Festival
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While the P.D. was not mentioned in my brief description, it's an important role. She's extremely indifferent when posed with the crazy idea of hiring someone if they book a rock star. Our Program Director doesn't really care what's going on around her that week because she is hopelessly constipated.

Radio Station Engineer - Tom Green (Tom Green Show, Road Trip, Freddie Got Fingered) 

Criss Angel's HELP Charity Event Benefiting Pediatric Cancer Research And Treatment
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Anyone who has ever met a Radio Station Engineer knows this is a PERFECT casting job.

When I started this blog, it was a goof, now I am convinced this is a real movie and a hit at that. Even Ethan thinks it's somewhat of a decent idea. Watch his reaction:

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