I could not sleep on Election Eve -- it felt more like Christmas Eve and I was a little kid, hoping for a bike under the tree. This year, I wanted to do more than vote, I wanted to tour the city of Danbury and talk to the people.

A Tour Around Danbury on Election Day 2020

Election Day was fun and more importantly, it gave me hope. I saw voters and polling volunteers engaging in democracy, speaking their voice and being counted. I didn't see any nastiness, hysteria or fear mongering.

The bad people, the crazed extremists and the prognosticators that fill our heads with dread each day, were not there. In fact, they are not there as often as we are made to believe. What I saw on Election Day were concerned, responsible Americans speaking their minds in hopes of a better, brighter future. God Bless America.

Below are portions of my street conversations with Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, Danbury City Councilman Roberto Alves and Danbury Communications Director Taylor O'Brien. No offense guys but Taylor was my favorite.

Any positive equity, I might have earned with you is about to go out the window. This happened right after voting and before I was able to secure any worthwhile street interviews.

My expectations for Election Day 2020 were unreasonable, when they were not met, I was disappointed and this is what that looks like. WARNING: This clip contains bad words.

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