No this is not a rerun, it's my most recent public failure.

If you are an avid Ethan and Lou Show listener, you've heard similar stories in the past, but this was my "best" "worst" yet. I was asked recently to speak to the Brewster Rotary Club about being a "modern day broadcaster." I went yesterday (3/10/20) and this is the story of that:

List of excuses:

  • This is not my wheelhouse. I know my wheelhouse and this isn't it.
  • I can't be the "me" people listen to our show to hear when I am getting involved with respectable organizations.
  • I was tired.
  • I was hungry.
  • I had to pee.

Now for the truth:

I didn't bother to ask the right questions to see what they were looking for and I did not prepare. Also, I need to learn to say "no." Not because it's not an honor to be asked, but because out of my realm, stripped of my comedic weapons, I'm as useful as DeAngelo Vickers.

Going forward, these are the things I agree to do: my radio show (contractually obligated), podcasts and small acting roles. Those are the things I enjoy and am very capable of doing. Above and beyond that, the answer is no.

That being said, I agreed to this because it was my hometown and it was an honor to be asked. Thank you to all the folks at the Brewster Rotary Club, in particular Paul Fucito.

Sorry for this blog because now you are going to have to answer questions about it for the next year.

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