Comedian/Life Coach & friend of the Ethan and Lou show, Lisa Lampanelli popped into the I-95 studio to join us on the show Thursday morning,. She wasted 0 time psychoanalyzing me and roasting me through the Earth's core.

The force is still strong with her despite that fact that she has retired from comedy and become a life coach and mentor to many. If you don't think she had me genuinely uncomfortable, you don't know me at all. Sure, I share way too much personal information on the air but normally I am driving the bus. Lisa put my back against the ropes and did not let up.

It was good fun and an all time favorite segment of mine. She may have walked away from the insult comedy game but the ability to do it at the highest level has not left her.

Go see our friend Lisa Lampanelli in Hamden, CT on January 26th and take in her "Love Your Body, Feed Your Soul: A Food & Body Image Workshop."

Then you can catch her RIGHT in our backyard on April 11th. Lisa will be at the Ridgefield Playhouse doing: "Fat Chance: An Evening of Conversation and Story."

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