You either know who he is or you don't. If you do, you know what he's been up to, and what is happening with him now. I don't want to talk about his trial or the hell that he's put the people of Sandy Hook through. I'd like to talk about his career. This is something I know a little about. While I don't have quite the following he does, I'm in this business, and have been for a long time.

This is the kind of guy, I've tried my best NOT to be. These guys are a dime-a-dozen in radio. He's obviously better at the slime game than most, but trust me, these dudes are everywhere. Their whole game is shock value. It's all surface area. They lack talent and so, they just keep pushing buttons.

The path to true success in this business is a lot easier than I make it to be for myself -- I just refuse to do some of the things that could fast track it. There are people who really know radio, who can easily point out industry tricks that could make the Ethan and Lou Show more popular. We know what they are, and don't use them on purpose, because it's all smoke and mirrors. Not only is it a big magic trick, it usually leads to you purposely lying to your audience.

I know what our show is and is not. It's not the most polished and we don't always hit the local and national talking points that are trending. I do know that we are funny, self deprecating, care about our fellow human being and are unreasonably vulnerable.

Alex Jones knows he's not funny, not all that smart and certainly knows he cannot lean on talent. He'd never show you that he has vulnerabilities or show you who he really is. He does not have to, because we can see what he is. He's a walking fart in a suit, running the same old plays every day. He's shouting things that he knows are not true at the top of his lungs. This is transparent to anyone willing to look past their politics.

If this sounds like sour grapes, it's because it is. Let's be crystal clear -- it's not jealousy towards Alex Jones, it's anger. I'm angry that talented people, who care deeply about radio, have to "look up" to see guys like this. I'm angry that people consume the kind of product he produces in mass quantity. I'd rather be in the middle if that's what the top looks like.

Before you get the wrong idea, I'm glad he has a voice and I believe in Freedom of Speech. I hope people like him continue to have a voice, that way I know who and what to keep away from in life.

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