Here's something you don't hear about everyday. Dogs and cats straying away from home is pretty common, but a lost Emu, now that's completely different.

We are all familiar with the Emu thanks to those Liberty Mutual commercials, but I don't think anyone is prepared to see one wandering around in their yard.

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It happened earlier this week in Oxford, Connecticut when Jen Rich's dog stubbled upon one in their backyard.

According to, it was the family dog that discovered the lost Emu.

Our dog scared it and it ran into the bushes near our house. Soon after, I realized it was stuck and struggling, as I could hear it was in distress.

When Jen realized the Emu was caught and appeared to be hurt, she jumped into action and helped guide it into an enclosed area, took a picture of it, and with the help of a friend managed to post it on Facebook figuring just maybe the Emu's owner would see the post and come to the rescue.

The Emu post attracted a lot of attention, and tons of comments, even Reddit picked up on the story, but it was the posts on Facebook that led Amanda Bonardi to call her husband and check on the Emu that they owned. When the Emu couldn't be found in their pen, Amanda contacted Jen, who was keeping an eye on the stray Emu and she showed up to claim it.

Now thanks to social media, the Emu is back safely where it belongs and is doing fine. The owners think a bear was wandering around their yard and spooked the Emu. Of course Jen took some cell phone video of the amazing experience, hey it's not everyday you can say you have an Emu in your yard. Now my only question is where's Doug.

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