Police in Brookfield are looking for the owner of a wedding ring that was found recently at Petco on Federal Road.

It was a very honest person who found the ring and quickly turned it over to a staff member, who then turned the case over to the Brookfield Police Department. Now the BPD is searching for the rightful owner. Here's what the Brookfield Police posted on their Facebook page:

As mentioned in the press release, the police will not be posting a photo of the ring. So anyone who thinks it might belong to them or someone they know will have to contact Officer Kyek at the Brookfield Police Department at (203) 740-4140 or by email at Jkyek@brookfieldct.gov, and give a description of the missing ring.

You have to love the department's sense of humor about this story, and yes they went there, saying in their press release to call them before you wind up in the "dog house." Get it? Pet store, dog house -- now that's funny.

Brookfield Police will provide an update on this story once the rightful owner of the wedding ring is found.

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