It's been part of the Main Street landscape in Danbury for almost 26 years, but now the Greenery Cafe is scheduled to close it's doors for good.

The Cafe, which has been partnered with Green Chimneys, has been offering adults with disabilities a chance to work part-time and gain real world experience under the guidance of professional counselors.

The main issue that comes into play regarding the Green Chimneys supported Cafe is the declining state funding, and the growing programs at its campuses in Brewster and Carmel, N.Y. Add it all up, and the money needed to operate is just not available.

Here's what Chief Program Officer Lauren Bennett said to about the partnership:

As much as it’s been an incredible asset to the clients who are able to benefit from working there, we have almost always traditionally operated at a deficit. It’s not so much a restructuring, but it’s really an ongoing process of always evaluating our programs ... we also have a responsibility not just to the clients we serve but to all of our donors.


After meetings failed to produce new funding methods with state and non profit leaders, the Cafe sent out letters to all employees informing them of the closing in December.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said the city was aware of the plan to close the cafe but is not able to offer funding at this time.

Those involved with the Cafe are still hoping that some sort of solution can be reached to keep the restaurant open, and its employees working, however until another major donor can be found, the fate of the Cafe remains in jeopardy.

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