Beginning this Thursday, June 6, a Long Island Stop N' Shop is inviting dog owners to bring along their furry friends.

According to Putnam Daily Voice, the Port Washington Stop & Shop is going to begin testing the DogSpot dog house for their pet-loving shoppers over the next 12 weeks. Why leave your furry friend home in front of the TV watching Paw Patrol?

In The Dog House
Getty Images

A DogSpot house according to is a convenient app-connected, temperature-controlled, and camera-mounted lockable dog house located outside the store so you can shop knowing your dog is happy and comfortable. Think of it as a high-tech dog house.

The Brooklyn, NY-based DogSpot is currently keeping dogs comfy and cozy in 14 states with plans to introduce 300 more across the country. As their website reads, NO MO FOMO FO YO DOGGO!




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