Police officers protect our streets, enforce the law, and provide a just system wherein our society can feel safe and equal. Guardians of our communities' gates, the men in blue bravely sacrifice their lives, daily, to stop what cannot happen and to encourage what should. They are our mothers, fathers, neighbors, and local heroes -- and they have the badges to prove their loyalty to the sacrament that is life.

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Not every community, however, has an officer quite like Chip. The town of Naugatuck, CT, along with its police department and fellow policemen, will desperately miss the service of Detective Charles "Chip" Schofield, a 20-year, legendary tenure, the cleats of which were officially hung up on September 27, 2019, according to the NPD.

The former detective played many roles for the NPD, including the detective of the youth bureau for which he investigated crimes committed against children, DARE instructor, SRO, and multiple patrolmen titles.

The NPD also disclosed in their press release that Chip has been battling Neuroendocrine Carcinoma since his retirement and that they are fighting for him just as he did for them: "Chip is fighting back and we, his blue line family are here to let him know he is not in this fight alone!"

Cherished as he should be, Chip's decorated and versatile career was celebrated on Sunday night when he was honored at an XFL football game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The New York Guardians won that night with a score of 23 points to the Tampa Bay Viper's 3; but the real winner that night was the XFL "Guardian of the Game," Chip Schofield, whose record of 20 remarkable years to none unremarkable was applauded and praised by the crowd, according to the NPD.

To learn about Schofield's impact on the town of Naugatuck is to put perseverance, tenure, and life into crystal clear perspective. Understandably, from all of Detective Schofield's loved ones to all the people he's protected, the legacy and the size of his fight will be forever venerated, revered, and commemorated. We thank him for his service and, most importantly, his even bigger heart.

This is the NPD's press release:


Here's to a model career, and here's to kicking cancer's ass.

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