A 5-year-old girl is now an internet superstar thanks to a Nativity play and one tiny finger.

According to Thrillist, Ella Legge from Essex, UK was performing in a holiday play last week when she hurt her middle finger. In an effort to alert her mother Carla, Ella showed mom her middle finger from the stage -- for twenty minutes. The finger, that's right, the finger. Here are the hilarious photos:

I was talking with a friend at work about this story yesterday, and he said "he doesn't buy this little girls story." Yes, that is a direct quote, and it's one of my favorite lines of 2019. I, myself, do believe Ella's hurt finger story and if it is true, it's awesome, hilarious and cute.

I'm not too big on cute stories, but this one has it all. A cute little girl signing F.U., her mom taking it in stride and a holiday twist. Even better, we can speculate as to whether a 5-year-old girl is a liar, which makes for a phenomenal dialogue. Merry Christmas, Ella, you have a fan in me and I do not think you are a liar. #istandwithella 

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