Connecticut liquor stores are routinely running out of the nations top brand of hard seltzer, White Claw. According to WFSB the top seller and all the other names in the Seltzer business are huge in the Nutmeg State.

Jason Desroches is the head brewer at the Connecticut Valley Brewing Company and had this to say about the White Claw shortage and the demand for these drinks:

“We just packaged our second 120 barrel tank due to the increase in sales of seltzer and we have other tanks coming in, 120 barrel tanks, just to help increase our capacity. People are more health conscious now so it's a good option. It's 100 calories and it's a great option for people who don't like beer. It's a great time to be in it. And if they have a shortage, bad for them, but great for us. So hopefully we will keep pushing forward with it, and go into their market a bit more.” 

Connecticut Valley Brewing Company is based in South Windsor CT. As for White Claw, they had a  sales spike of almost 300 percent in July. The seltzer game is so hot right now.

I am not a beer drinker, I instead drink wine but I've had these seltzers and I must say they are delightful. It's Friday right? Yeah, I'm going to get some seltzers. Have a great weekend it's time for some boozy bubbles.

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