A holy trifecta of two local sweet makers and a local grocery market is going to result in a limited edition ice cream and the name of the upcoming product will make you chuckle if you're a Star Wars fan. Labonne's Markets has announced that they will soon be selling an ice cream that they've dubbed "Luke, I am your Fascia". Great name.

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The new ice cream is a collaborative effort between three great Connecticut businesses. The new product pairs Prospect's Big Dipper Ice Cream's Vanilla ice cream with Fascia's of Waterbury's Dark Chocolate pieces, and ganache, swirled with a strawberry puree.


The new ice cream is going to make its debut at all four of LaBonne's Markets in Watertown, Prospect, Woodbury, and Salisbury this Friday, March 19, 2021. Previously, LaBonne's and Big Dipper have collaborated on an ice cream flavor called LaBada Bing which was really tasty, I enjoyed it.


This particular collaboration is great, I recently noticed that LaBonne's had expanded their Fascia's selection in their store in Watertown which I frequent weekly. LaBonne's has always been a champion of locally-owned Connecticut businesses. When I need a jar of my beloved Grotto Restaurant of Waterbury red sauce, LaBonne's is the place I go.


If you've liked LaBonne's Markets on Facebook, they're running a contest right now that could score you a $100 LaBonne's gift card, a special tour of Fascia's in Waterbury and a half a gallon of the new "Luke, I am your Fascia" ice cream. Check out LaBonne's social media accounts for more details.

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