We've seen some awkward tour pairings in the Rock N' Roll world. This one had me scratching my head from the very beginning. I'm sure they have some overlap, I happen to love Blink and think that Wayne is pretty good. It's a show I'd see. It seems that the people of Bristow, VA don't agree with me because the crowd there was thinner than Lil' Wayne was used to and he addressed it.

That won't go down as the most famous on-stage meltdown but forever will be one of my personal favorites. I'm just curious to see if he sticks to his word and actually walks on the tour.

Furthermore, I hope that the crowd being light at the Blink 182 show is not a trend. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing the rock bands I love playing to smaller and smaller crowds.

I saw Everclear twice over the past five years in really small venues to really small crowds and was really sad. This is a band I used to follow all over the Northeast that would play to packed houses in top notch venues and they have been reduced to a "town fair" band? If Rock N' Roll is dead, it's our fault.

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