There are only a few Bavarian/German restaurants in Western Connecticut, and it's tough to find Bratwurst on a menu anywhere anyway. But there's a nearby opportunity coming up for you to stuff your face with superior bratwurst, and insanely good sauerkraut, both made by a legendary German restaurant in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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My wife is from Ludlow, Massachusetts, but even before I met her, I had heard of the Student Prince Cafe and Fort Restaurant in Springfield, Mass. Why? Because they put on an epic Oktoberfest celebration every year, and the food that they serve day in and day out is amazing. Have you been craving those 10 inch, 1/2 pound bratwurst? Don't feel like driving all the way up 91 into Springfield? How about Route 202 or Rt. 8? My new hometown of Torrington is holding an Oktoberfest, and they're importing some of the goods for their event from Student Prince.

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Western Mass transplants, AIC, WNEC, and UMass-Amherst alum, you don't have to drive all the way up to Fort Street to get those Student Prince brats and kraut. On Saturday, September 24, 2022, the Torrington Oktoberfest is happening in Franklin Plaza in downtown, and the organizers have made multiple trips up to the motherland and brought back hundreds of pounds of brats and gallons of kraut for their event.

The event also features local beers, pretzels, and live music, but the Student Prince brats are the headliner. Take that Goshen Fair, you didn't think of this one.

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