Lake Compounce, the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America, is opening early this year on Saturday, May 8, to celebrate the kickoff of their 175th season.

They can't wait for you to experience their massive transformation as they pair nostalgia with the future of family fun. My favorite all-time ride and always will be is Boulder Dash, voted the world's #1 wooden coaster five times.

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The year was 2004 and I'm not embarrassed to say that at the age of 53, Boulder Dash was the very first roller coaster I ever experienced and I loved it! I'm not into riding those buckle yourself in upside-down coasters that reach speeds of a million miles-per-hour. I'll spare you the story of what happened when I tried one of those coasters.

Boulder Dash - Courtesy of Lake Compounce FB Page...
Boulder Dash - Courtesy of Lake Compounce FB Page...

Deservedly so, Lake Compounce won our Townie Award for "The Place Everyone in CT Went on Their First Roller Coaster."

Opening this year is a thrilling attraction that resembles the mouth of a hungry Venus flytrap ready to gobble up its next meal. It's called the Venus Vortex, and it stands six-stories above the lake.

After traveling through a dark, twisty tunnel, riders plummet down a vertical drop into the jaws of this hungry creature. What happens next? If you dare to climb aboard, you'll find out exactly how your experience ends.

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