The billboard on I-91 reads, "WEED IS LEGAL IN 60 MILES."

You're driving to work on I-91 in New Haven minding your own business when you look up and you're gazing at a billboard that's reminding you that recreational marijuana is legal and available in Massachusetts.

WFSB via FB video
WFSB via FB video

A company called Weedmaps is responsible for the billboards and the promotion of legal recreational marijuana across the country. Here's one of their hundreds of videos answering the question about getting a contact high:

According to the New Haven Register, that billboard is just a reminder that recreational pot is still against the law in Connecticut and indirectly invites you to come on over to Massachusetts, where it is legal.

Connecticut State Police want to remind you that if you purchase weed in Northampton or Great Barrington Mass. and live in Connecticut it is illegal to bring it across the border. CSP are concerned that Torrington residents will drive the 35 miles to Great Barrington to purchase legal weed and then return to Connecticut under the influence with their stash of marijuana in tow. If that happens and you're caught, police say you will be cited.

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